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Australia has enjoyed decades of recession free economic growth and is currently poised to continue building upon this success into 2018 and beyond. 

With an abundance of natural resources, a well educated and hard working population condident to take on new opportunities and challenges, Australia has to be a key region for any compnay looking top expand into Asia and Oceania. 

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CurrencyAustralian dollar
GDP per capita49,927.82 USD (2016) World Bank
Gross domestic product1.205 trillion USD (2016) World Bank
GDP growth rate2.8% annual change (2016) World Bank
GNI per capita45,970 PPP dollars (2016) World Bank
Gross national income1.109 trillion PPP dollars (2016)World Bank
Internet users78.9% of the population (2011) World Bank
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1. Market Research

2. Business Strategy Development

3. Partner Sourcing

4. Company setup

5. On-going Business Advice

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