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Un Par is proud to annouce the creation of its new Sri-Lankan - Australian Trade Opportunities bureau.  The Bureau builds upon Un Par's Company setup service and can provdie initial trade advice to and from each country. 



Un Par is able to provide a first class service and a deep knowledge of the markets and opportunities in both countries. 

Our Services include;

1. Translation and Intepretation in Sinhala, Tamil and English
2. Market Research. Opportunties, Competitors, market characteristics
3. Strategy development. Using the latest tools and methods for understanding your market position and develolping your unique offering.
4. Government and NGO resources, assistance and grants available to help with your new venture. 
5. Company setup. Start-off in the right foot with full compliance to the securities and corporations laws of each other countries. 
6. Partner Sourcing. Cooperation between the right local partners is the fastest way to succeed in a new region. 
7. On-going support and  consultation. 





Market profile

Export markets - Sri Lanka


With a shared colonial past, the relationships between the two countries has never been better and more in focus. Each country has  unique and complimentary  offerings and needs. There are currently opportunities in Sri Lanka as it seeks to rebuild its economy and infrastructure. Similarly, Australia as a develped economy is continually looking for lower cost centres for high labour value production. 

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Un Par is able to provide guidance on the governmental  and private enterprise resources available to assist with your business. 


Related image Contact our Sri Lankan Bureau Advisor:
Ms Gayathri Thambiah  
+61 4219 38724
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